Our Biggest Private Dinner Party

Dinner Party

Unlike most restaurants, we provide a table on the basis of prior bookings only. One of the reasons behind it is that we have only 120 seats and do not like to make our customers wait. Yet, when it comes to a completely private booking, we make special arrangements for you.

Our biggest private booking was made by Etoro, an online trading company in London. We had 200 guests coming in from that company. Hence, we had arranged for some extra seats and tables to make them comfortable.

In our guest’s honor, we would like to tell you something about the company.

About Etoro

Being one of the biggest online traders not only in London but also in the world, Etoro deals in all kinds of financial instruments – CFDs, forex, stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, it has provided plenty of opportunities to financial traders.

Not only do they have a very easy-to-use interface, but they also provide their clients with low minimum deposits, low fees, low withdrawal limits, and several other benefits. It is a highly secure site where you can study the price movement of every instrument before making a purchase.

The company gives traders an opportunity to expand their financial portfolio, make profits, and grow further. In any online trading company that works well, both the platform as well as the buyers and sellers on its benefit equally.

Financial traders trust the site due to its security, facilities, and a wide scope of trading that it provides. Some of the instruments and stocks traded popularly on the platform include Bitcoin, EURUSD, Gold, Ripple, oil, GBPUSD, Alphabet, Amazon, Germany 30, FTSE 100, and Wall Street.

Being listed on the London Stock Exchange, it is present in Cyprus, Israel, USA, and Australia as well. In 2018, its value was $800 million. It has encouraged many freshers to expand its scope in the financial market and also has space for the big players.

Our Experience with Etoro

Etoro had brought 200 guests with them to our restaurant for a professional conference. The idea was to gather all online traders in one place.

When we have professionals making a private booking at our restaurant, we change the ambiance a bit to give them a conference table set-up. Along with that, we had also set-up a conference stage and an open bar.

We have 10,000 bottles of the most luxurious, premium, and exotic wines in our restaurant. All of the varieties were made available in the bar. Some of these wines include the Barolo, Amarone, Gattinara, Barbera D’Asti, Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Barbaresco, Rosso Di Montalcino, Chianti Classico, and Lambrusco.

Another thing we take care of for private bookings is providing a special menu to our guests. On that day, our chefs had prepared our signature dish – the squid ink tonnarelli, scallops Crudo with avocado and truffles, trofie with crab and porcini, and grilled sea bream with pistachio salsa. In fact, we had all our signature dishes served to them in small portions so that they could enjoy all the dishes.

The idea behind all of this is to give our guests one wonderful evening with each other. Indeed, they did have a great time with the delicious Italian dishes, wine, and the ambiance that was set-up especially for them.