Pianeta Restaurant launched a new concept, which already made its introduction. Our restaurant will now host a variety of dinner events, specially organized for businesses and companies. Always wanted to book a restaurant with your entire company, where you can just sit and relax, enjoying great Italian food while watching a spectacular performance on stage? Our new dinner event concept can guarantee you all of that! The dinner will be included with a live performance, customized by your own preferences. We now offer performances such as stand up comedians, dance performers and wide range of different singers that will make your evening a great success. While enjoying these performances, Pianete Restaurant will serve our most iconic and tasteful dishes such as pastas, top quality pizzas and our caprese specialities. This dinner will be a memorable experience for your entire staff. Now we’re integrating a concept within our new concept: the Christmas dinner. Ofcourse, every company would like to celebrate the holidays together with their loyal staff. They often book a table in the most classiest restaurant in order to have a good time in order to show their appreciation and love to all of their employees. A Christmas dinner together with the company is not a very uncommon thing to do these days. That is why we wanted to offer a special evening, something that’s a little bit out of the box. This year, the gambling company Jackpot 6000 gokkast will keep us company during the holidays. They’ve booked a table in our restaurant for their more than 100 employees. The performance request of Jackpot 6000 is the stand up comedian act, because they really looked for a good time and a laugh. We offered a 90 minutes performance by Blake Williams, top comedian based in our own city London. Our chef will prepare a full course dinner that will contain our finest Italian specialties. The menu will include dishes such as Saltimbocca, Osso Bucco alla Milanese and our famous Orecchiette alle cime de rapa. The dinner will be served together with our most luxurious wines. Whether they prefer dry or fruity, Pianeta Restaurant can offer you great Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec and Pinot Noirs that will explode the flavors in your mouth. Pianeta Restaurant aims for a real dining experience, where people can discover the real Italian, traditional kitchen. This is our ultimate goal for the Christmas dinner of Jackpot 6000 gokkast, to make them fall in love with our culture. We at Pianeta Restaurant are always working very hard to show the people from London what we’re capable of. Would you like to spend your Christmas holidays together with Pianeta Restaurant? Celebrate the love, the good food and the Christmas spirits together with us? There are still some spots open, so make a table reservation and the perfect dining experience will be guaranteed. Please contact our restaurant in order to discuss all details, food allergies and performance preferences, so that we can start preparing the ultimate dinner experience for you and your company. We are very looking forward to the holidays, ho ho ho!

Jackpot 6000 Gokkast Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Joining us for dinner this Christmas again, Jackpot 6000 gokkast has become one of our most premium clients. Pianeta offers lavish dinner parties to all its guests and we’re happy that they’ve had a great time with us.
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Our Experience with Jackpot 6000

When Jackpot 6000 Gokkast from Online Gokken Gids came to Pianeta for Christmas, we had arranged a dinner for more than 100 of their employees. Not only did our chefs prepare a special menu for them, but we also arranged for some entertainment. London’s best comedian, Blake Williams had performed for 90 minutes. Everybody had a really great time as they laughed and drank their wine. Coming to the food and wine, our chef had prepared almost all our specialty dishes. It was a special menu that we served in small portions so that our guests could enjoy more variety. Along with dinner, we’ve offered multiple varieties of the most luxurious wines in the world – both dry and fruity. This is how Christmas dinners usually are with Pianeta. We create an environment where you can truly enjoy a closed gathering. The idea is to make Christmas and other occasions memorable for you when you choose to celebrate with us. We are very looking forward to the holidays, ho ho ho! To be sure to win something nice for the holiday and get some extra cash find out more about games like blackjack. In Thailand Blackjack is very popular. The Thai people are crazy about the game. Find out more about this on ดูโพสนี้ที่มีข้อมูลดีๆเกี่ยวกับBlackjack.