Etoro Dining Experience

Pianeta offers an unforgettable dining experience to the upper class society and guests that prefer a more luxurious lifestyle. Together with our traditional and high end Italian cuisine, Pianeta is able to provide an introduction to a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Besides serving to all of our regular guests, our restaurant also get booked for private parties and events. The chef always prepares something amazing for these kind of evenings. Last week, our restaurant had the pleasure to host a corporate event for the a company called Etoro. The company requested us to organize an event in order to attract all the online trading market professionals to one location. With the help of our interior stylist and event planner we developed a concept for this event, based on the interests of online traders. The most important factor was that the company wanted to include a small conference area to present their ideas and developments to their guests.

Etoro had a guests list that included online trading professionals, specialists, full time traders and innovators. The total amount went up to 200 guests, which means that we had to add more tables and seats to our restaurant. The setting of our restaurant was based on a small conference, including an open bar, dining area and conference stage. We wanted to provide our guests a real Italian dining experience and served our best and most popular dishes. For this evening we decided to serve our famous trofie with crab and porcini, scallops crudo with avocado and truffles and grilled sea bream with pistachio salsa. We also served our signature dish, which is the squid ink tonnarelli. Everything was served in small portions, so that we were able to introduce all of our signatures to all of the guests.

The Italian flair, super-fresh ingredients, high end service and relaxing atmosphere were the additional factors that turned this evening into a huge success. Etoro was able to present their future plans to all of their guests and were very pleased with the organization of Pianeta. The small conference immediately leaded to the organization of a new upcoming event, which will also take place in our restaurant. For this concept, we will add a theme to the event: Making Money. Our restaurant will be decorated with luxurious elements, money-minded props and additional features such as traditional slot machines. This will increase the money experience and therefore, also the concept of the online trading market.

Besides offering our private events to organizations and companies, we also host events for personal purposes. When making your reservation at our restaurant, we will discuss your preferences, needs, ideas and dietary restrictions. Based on this meeting, the team of Pianeta will collaborate with other experts in order to host the party or event as requested. If you are interested in our hosting services, please do not hesitate to contact our restaurant in order to discuss all the possibilities. Together we can turn your event into a great success!