Pianeta Italian Restaurant

Pianeta Restaurant. Offering classic Italian food in the heart of London.

Pianeta means “Planet” in English.

One could say in Italian, “La Terra è un pianeta piccolo ma bello.” The translation in English is “The Earth is a small, but beautiful, planet.” Pianeta also means “universe” in English. This definition comes from the time when Italians, especially the Roman Catholic Church, thought that the Earth was the center of the universe.

If you make the Pianeta Restaurant the center of your universe, when you are in London, you will not regret it. The food is spectacular, the wines are exceptional, and the experience of dining at Pianeta is unforgettable.

The history of Pianeta

Pianeta is a classic Italian restaurant that was founded by the online casino tycoon, Enrico Travelli, from Modena, Italy. The restaurant was founded in 2013 after Enrico sold his online casino empire consisting of some of the best internet casinos like the casumo online casino and dutch casino leovegas which was given fantastic reviews when it launched (read a leovegas casino review here). He sold to one of his largest competitors within the industry that being his best friend and with that ending the competition between the two friends. Enrico still helps his friend once in a while. Besides being a incredible chef, Enrico is also very talented as a developer, you can find all his hard work here. Another reason why Enrico sold his company, was his passion for Italian food and following his dream. Since Enrico was a little boy, he always wanted his own restaurant.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the “Little Italy” section of London that is near Piccadilly Square. Even though this is a major tourist area, the restaurant is tucked away on a quiet, discrete, small street. It has a thick wooden secured door that is unmistakably bright red, with two guards to protect the entrance. This allows any famous guests to escape from the paparazzi. Once inside, guests feel free to let their guard down and fully enjoy themselves, without the fear of any embarrassing photos being taken by the paparazzi that are prohibited from entering.

The decoration

The decoration and design of the interior space feels just like being transported to a beautiful mountain villa on the hillside in some part of Tuscany. Elaborately painted frescos of the Italian countryside fill the walls. All the tables and chairs are vintage pieces that were personally found by Enrico in old Italian houses and antique shops and then imported to England from Italy. The tables are covered with traditional red and white checkered tablecloths. The bread baskets on the tables never run out of fresh garlic bread. Candles burning in old Chianti wine bottles drip wax down the sides and provide the pleasant illumination for the restaurant.


The restaurant has 120 seats. Be sure to make an advance reservation because the tables are always fully booked and no one is allowed to enter without having a reservation. If you have any special dietary restrictions, be sure to inform the restaurant staff in advance so that the dishes prepared for your enjoyment will meet those special needs.
Each table is served by four waitpersons that are ready to fulfill any requests that make the guests happy. Minor children must be accompanied by their parents. If the child gets unruly, the family and the child must eat together in the kitchen so as not to disturb the enjoyment of other guests.

No mobile phones

No mobile phones are allowed at the tables. They must be checked with the hatcheck person at the door. The staff will answer phones if requested and take a message, which is discreetly brought to the table on a note. Should a patron wish to call back using their mobile phone, they may use the private lounge area for making phone calls. It is located near the front entrance.
There is a smoking room upstairs that offers the finest of cigars and pipe tobacco. Guests are welcome to enjoy a cognac and a cigar upstairs after their meal. No smoking is allowed at the restaurant tables.

interior restaurant area

Pets are not allowed in the interior restaurant area; however, there is an outdoor patio where people are welcome to bring their pets. Those with pets should use the rear private entrance to gain access to the outdoor patio without having to walk through the interior of the restaurant. Normal restaurant hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 6 p.m. until the last person goes home. Occasionally the restaurant is booked in its entirety for a private party. On those nights, no other reservations are possible. Many billionaires like to book the restaurant to enjoy a party with about 100 of their intimate friends. The chef always prepares something special for these private parties. If you want to know more about our dinner events, please visit our Jackpot 6000 dinner party page.

private car

A private car is available to take any who had a bit too much to drink back to their home or hotel at the end of the evening.

We always try our best to make your experience at Pianeta Restaurant as pleasant as possible. Last week, our restaurant had the pleasure to host some corporate events for the  companies called หนังสือสอนการเล่นไฮโล, Etoro, click here to read more about this event.We look forward to seeing you on your next visit!